The Winning Combination

The secret behind a great mattress is a combination of two factors:

- A high quality support

- Accurate manufacturing

This is the philosophy behind our new range of latex mattresses, where Portoflex’s experience with upholstery is combined to the truly innovative technology provided by Latexco, a worldwide leading manufacturer in the latex supports industry.

Latex has now become widely employed as the ideal support for a resting body, due to its extraordinary ability to adapt to the body’s conformation while retaining the spine’s correct posture and facilitating the release of muscular strains.

This is why Latexco’s sleep solution supports contain up to 85% natural latex.

Developed by means of advanced industrial processing techniques, Latexco’s latex foams add the following assets to the already beneficial properties of natural latex:

- Optimum ventilation: its special internal open micro-cell structure ensures a perfectly effective air-flow;

- Mildew and bacterial growth resistance: this property is achieved by means of Latexco’s exclusive processing and technology, which are certified by the Morton Thiokol Research and Development Institute, MA, U.S.A.;

- High shape retention and resilience to aging;

- Free from electrostatic charge;

- Low noise.

But this is not all. Latexco manufactures latex support surfaces with differentiated weight support zones, based on the uneven distribution of body loads. Every model is produced in different versions in terms of weight support and thickness.

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