Fidion FR and Terital Saniwear

When safety is at stake, Montefibre has the right solution. And when talking about fire safety, their solution is truly outstanding: The original Italian manufactured Fidion FR is a quality concept among Flame Retardant polyester fibres. Fidion FR is a truly, intrinsically flame-retardant textile, designed for use with every processing technology and to suit any creative needs while complying with the applicable provisions in most countries. Fidion FR is a guaranteed Montefibre product, the unsurpassed partner company for technologically innovative and safe textiles.

Fidion FR and Terital Saniwear

The new Terital Saniwear fibre is a product of Montefibre’s research. It was obtained by incorporating an active inorganic agent in a standard polyester fibre while leaving intact its physical and mechanical properties. As a result, the development of non-pathogenic bacteria is actively reduced, thus fighting one of the main causes of bad odours.

Terital Saniwear is free from the risks potentially arising from the use of organic molecules and remains effective over time even when frequently washed. This ante-bacterial fibre complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 provisions and due to its outstanding properties is being widely used in other industries too, such as textile and clothing manufacturing.

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