The LFK Spring System

Portoflex was the first manufacturer to offer on the Italian market place a range of orthopaedic mattresses with the special LFK high spring density system (i.e., 220 springs per m2).

This outstanding cylindrical coil spring system is patented by the Swiss company SPÜHL and manufactured by Portoflex to provide a product with the following advantages:

Containing over twice as many springs compared to traditional spring systems;

High weight bearing capacity over the whole mattress surface;

High adaptability to the body shape due to its elasticity;

Shape retention, especially in the central part of the mattress;

Highest comfort and hygiene;

Favourable value for money ratio of LFK system mattresses.

The individual springs in a LFK innerspring system are attached together with articulated joints to enable them to adapt to any weight or position of the body laying on the mattress.

With the limited gauge of its end rings, the spring system offers a compact surface which prevents the insulating and padding layers from penetrating into the coils, so as to ensure consistent support on both sides of the mattress and on the outer band.

The LFK system ensures that one’s spine is always appropriately supported independently from the body's position.

Below are some instances of the size per spring count ratio:
Size: 80x195 cm; No. of springs: 341
Size: 80x195 cm; No. of springs: 372
Size: 160x195 cm; No. of springs: 682
Size: 165x195 cm; No of springs: 744

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