Our Product Range

The technology in use at Portoflex’s enables us to ensure the current fast-paced production, quality assurance and flexibility. This translates not only into a high volume manufacturing of spring, expanded polyurethane and latex mattresses of all types and sizes, but also in a wide offering of orthopaedic slatted frames, such as multilayer beechwood slats, plus a variety of accessory solutions for rest and sleep.

This adds up to a complete and structured product range, which stands out for a number of benefits:

- The exceptional comfort of the mattresses that rely on the exclusive LFK spring system. This involves a high density of springs, i.e. over twice as many as in a normal spring system;

- The opportunity to deliver custom-made upholstery and quilting layers with fabric provided by the customer;

- The use of innovative materials in terms of health and well-being, through our continuous cooperation with leading companies in the area of technological research, including Montefibre, Latexco, etc.

This is the philosophy behind the increasingly strong position Portoflex acquired in very demanding market places such as the community and hotel industry, with an offering that currently covers the following product groupings:  Mattresses and supports, accessories and quilting, bed frames and bed bases.

A number of new ergonomic, functional products are worth mentioning, including a bed-lifting device, folding bed frames and armchairs.

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