The 200/400 spring range is a classic suspension system which was developed half a century ago and still manages to ensure safe rest over a prolongued period of time.  The 200/400 spring system consists of hourglass-shaped springs of the so-called BONNEL type made from 2.2 gauge tempered wire.

The combination of the Bonnel spring system with innovative materials developed after ongoing research in the industry doubtlessly results into a product which offers high support and comfort, while its technical characteristics are specifically aimed at providing personalised sleep solutions.

Ergoflex has always maintained consistent quality standards over time and met the diverse needs of consumers with its classic and proven suspension system, which is still among the most popular ones worldwide to the present day.

ERGOFLEX is sure to be the benchmark for all kinds of spring mattresses aiming at providing breathability, comfort and a healthy sleeping environment.



Hourglass-shaped 2.2 gauge tempered wire spring. The first suspension system that was developed to provide optimum rest. Its assets are reliability and durability over time.


The side encasing system is another feature which affects a mattress’ effectiveness and shape retention over time. An efficient peripheral encasing is certainly a remarkable value-added feature contributing to the correct orthopaedic effectiveness of the mattress.


The key to healthy rest is using high quality insulating and upholstery layers. This is what enables the Ergoflex system to express its orthopaedic qualities at its best.

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