The Independent Springs Range

The pocket-sprung technique is certainly a crucial system to provide differentiated support to one’s body. This range’s main characteristic consists in the mattress’ core. This is made from many small springs encased inside a fabric pocket, which is a value-added feature in a system where every individual spring provides body support.
A pocket-sprung mattress embodies one of the most advanced systems to provide good rest since it is capable of progressive action on the spine. The body weight will exert its pressure according to the individual body part: head, shoulders, back, bottom and legs are attached the one to the other but at the same time require individual support.


The special cylindrical shape of the springs allows for the body weight to be distributed along the whole coil structure.


The special pocket housing the spring is a crucial feature to allow for each spring to work independently. This system ensures that the springs act on every individual body part, including areas which we might deem unimportant.

A very important characteristic for a spring system is that it can adapt to different rest surfaces. Besides being suitable for flat surfaces, pocketed springs work independently and are certainly a viable solution for adjustable surfaces, such as with head- and feet lifting devices.

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