LINEA MEMORY Visco-elastic Foam

An undoubtedly highly technological material

Visco-elastic foam – commonly known as “MEMORY“ foam - is a heat sensitive material which tends to conform in shape based on body heat. This is an anti-bedsore compound, capable of preventing ulcers and bedsores which are caused by long periods of rest. Its core characteristic, which differentiates the MEMORY system from any other kind of mattress, consists in its ability to adapt to one’s body structure, so much so that it retains the body's shape. This ability to adapt in shape is not only due to the body weight (pressure) on the mattress, but is also linked to the amount of heat released by one's body during sleep. Based on this principle, two fundamental elements in one’s sleep come to be balanced, i.e. weight and heat, thus making it a truly unique, revolutionary system.



As a foam capable of adapting to the way one sleeps, “MEMORY” is a quintessentially innovative system. With its HEAT SENSITIVE properties, it shapes itself based on the sleeper's body heat. The heavier body parts exert greater pressure and release more heat: here is where MEMORY foam becomes softer and accommodates one’s rest in a highly ANATOMIC way.

HEAD, SHOULDERS, BACK and BOTTOM are the body parts that need to be supported in a balanced way. A visco-elastic foam mattress ensures proper support and sleeping posture during the whole night.

The choice in COVERS and the POSSIBILITY TO REMOVE the lining are accessories that add up to its assets and make it a truly complete mattress. First-class upholstery layers and luxurious fabrics combined to a technologically advanced material such as memory foam result into a winning formula to ensure proper rest. The possibility to remove the mattress’ cover is a remarkable feature, allowing to create the perfect preconditions to safeguard health and personal hygiene.
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