Bed Frames / “Colors” Child’s Bed

"Colors" is a small bed which can be delivered with a resting fir tree wood board surface, where the boards may be covered with white cloth, or with traditional multilayer beechwood slats.

This versatile bed base is designed to be completed with head and feet-boards, furniture legs or wheels, which makes it the ideal solution for the kids’ bedroom.

Its 120 mm wheels in various colours and equipped with breaks, together with the special metal handle for better mobility make it a modern, convenient and durable little bed.

This is a bed base with a modern design, constructed from 80x40 mm tubular section steel and epoxy powder painted, featuring an Ottoman frame which is particularly suitable for beds with an independent headboard. Resting surface with fir tree wood slats. This can be sloping or horizontal, according to the assembly’s technical requirements.


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