The Bed Frame as a Resting Surface

A proper resting surface should support the mattress uniformly with no indents.

It is not only the choice of materials which determines the quality of a bed frame, but especially its degree of flexibility in relation to the mattress: this balance will provide the perfect combination towards personalised rest.

The current spring mattress system – or better, the high-density spring mattress system will require a resting surface which tends to be firm, to ensure that the suspension system – i.e., the springs - will find an even and uniform basis to perform their task.

It is advisable that bed frames have wide slats or grids with a high population of laminated elements. When using foam mattresses – whether natural or synthetic - bed frames should provide a surface with average flexibility, or with laminated slats with small springs.

The resting surface should therefore consist of 38 mm wide laminated, sprung slats capable of supporting one’s weight and pressure on an anatomically differentiated surface according to one’s sleeping behaviour.

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